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Lobsterfisherwoman: Armenia “Amy” MacInnis

Name: Armenia MacInnis Age: 31 Hometown: Breton Cove When did you start lobster fishing? I started lobster fishing about ten years ago when my dad needed some extra hands and I needed a job, then six years ago I bought my … Continue reading

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Q+A with David Greenwell

Let’s start off with your background – why did you move to Mabou? What instigated that move? Short answer to both questions: 1) the music 2) Mary Janet MacDonald. Long answer: (First, some relevant background) : I was born in … Continue reading

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the “i heart Cape Breton” postcards are here!

You guys!! I am so proud to announce that my first design product is a reality. Back in January I made a prototype of a postcard with “I heart Cape Breton” on it. I showed the above picture on Facebook … Continue reading

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still here, just quiet

What is this tire all about, you ask? Well, not that much. I had to take some pictures of it the other day for work. Often times the best way to transmit information is by picture, and we needed a … Continue reading

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lilac and rhododendron

Pretty, pretty flowers. Lilacs – that scent! It takes me back in time to past summers, and also grounds me in the present, in this lush and rainy June. If the Internet could transmit smell, you could smell lilacs right now. … Continue reading

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why I disappear sometimes

There are busy times and there are not-so-busy times, for all of us. This past month, for me, has been a busy time. I started back at my summer job, which is full time. I was still in school for … Continue reading

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god only knows what i’d be without you

This morning I woke up in North Sydney, at home. I drank coffee and ate toast and yogurt, and left at 7 am. I drove over Boularderie and Kelly’s Mountain and along the Highway to Baddeck. I arrived at work … Continue reading

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