lilac and rhododendron

photo-5 photo-6 Pretty, pretty flowers.

Lilacs – that scent! It takes me back in time to past summers, and also grounds me in the present, in this lush and rainy June.

If the Internet could transmit smell, you could smell lilacs right now. But thank goodness the Internet doesn’t transmit smell, really. Because that’s more than I can handle, I think.

After working this week in Baddeck, I’m off today and tomorrow, and am back home in North Sydney. (Because the marina is open seven days a week now, I work one weekend day. So Friday’s my Saturday, and Saturday is my Sunday.) The first thing I did after getting home was go around the gardens and check out what had grown in the last four days.

As I drove along this evening homeward, I thought about all the things I wanted to write about on the blog. And the interviews waiting patiently in my inbox for me to do final edits on, and publish. But, there are only so many hours in the day. The spicy noodles from Wong’s aren’t going to eat themselves! “Game of Thrones” isn’t going to watch itself!

By the way, thank you for reading. Sometimes I disappear and other times I’m dreary. A lot of the time, I wonder to myself, “Why the heck do I write this, and share this? Is a blog gonna change the world? Can it change even an island? Is changing the point?” (I wonder lots of stuff to myself, I’ll be honest.)

One random note to end on today: a childhood friend of mine told me once that for the longest time she had never heard “rhododendron” pronounced aloud, only read it in books, so she pronounced it “rho-dodden-dronn”. So that’s how I think of it in my head.

That’s all for the moment. Flowers, wet grass, cold June, warm heart.


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1 Response to lilac and rhododendron

  1. Joe Green says:

    I’m reminded of someone who as a child talked of “leg ends”. Perfectly reasonable guess if you haven’t heard it said. And I always perversely read “biopic” as “bi-Opic”, to rhyme with “myopic”. In fact I was delighted to hear someone say it that way on the radio recently.

    Change? Maybe just a little bit (and nothing wrong with that). More fundamentally, increasing awareness. And that can lead to change.

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