still here, just quiet

photo What is this tire all about, you ask?

Well, not that much. I had to take some pictures of it the other day for work. Often times the best way to transmit information is by picture, and we needed a replacement for this puppy, so the guys had me come out and snap a photo with my iPhone and email it to the people who were sourcing a new one for us.

The reason I’m using it as a photo for this post is that I don’t have many other pictures at the moment, and it seemed as good as any to illustrate a post about needing a rest.

I don’t feel like writing about what’s going on in my life right now – even writing that sentence feels weird and naked – so instead I’ll let Tiffany Han do the talking. (Although, don’t worry, nothing super crazy is happening, it’s more just, that I don’t feel like talking about it.)

Tiffany Han is a sassy Life Coach who writes great blog posts, including this one:

I realized recently that I have a choice in this life I’ve created for myself. I can just get off the unicycle and stand on my own two feet. I can choose (gasp!) to put some of my balls down. I can even choose (double gasp!) to put all the balls down for a bit and spend the evening watching hours and hours of Gossip Girl. Hypothetically, of course.

And I can choose to say, “I’m so sorry, but I’m not going to be able to do that right now” or “I would love to see you too, but I’ve got too much on my plate” or “It does suck, and I do miss you too, but I’m currently jumping head first into starting a business and selling my art, and that’s my priority right now.”

And if that makes me a flake, then I’m going to own that. Because by not saying it and owning it, I do things like stretch myself thin which results in my missing appointments and calls and things that I really want to do. Because there’s not enough room in my brain for all of it.

Because I have a choice. I always have a choice.

And because I can just be.


In other news, one of my favourite bloggers, Elise Blaha Cripe, just had her first baby! That’s pretty special. Even though I’ve never met Elise, I love reading her blog and following along with her trials, tribulations and joys. She’s real, down-to-earth but also joyful and inspiring. That’s a tough balance to strike.

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