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life lately // may 2014

Loving the light. Driving over Kelly’s Mountain Monday through Friday twice a day. Passing lots of trucks on their way up that mountain. Being a little scared; have you seen the size of my car? Working on: a logo for a … Continue reading

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So you want to write a blog about Cape Breton…

…Fantastic! I think that’s awesome. Do it! The reason I’m writing this post is that I had someone reach out to me last week after the article in the Herald, with an idea they had for a blog sort-of-thing. They … Continue reading

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Colin’s painting

Colin Elliott, my boyfriend’s dad, worked as a mechanical engineer his whole working life, starting in England and then coming over to Canada, and then working as a salesperson in machinery. He’s also a talented carpenter, and in his retirement years … Continue reading

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project process // hand-lettering part 2

Back in February of this year I started on an independent project for school, learning some hand-lettering. I’m a huge fan of Mary Kate McDevitt’s work and wanted to learn some of the techniques of the beautiful art of letters, so I … Continue reading

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links loved / may 10

You guys! Oh man. This weekend just feels so good, I’m so pumped for it. This past week at my Work Term has been awesome! (This post is from back in February when I announced that I’d be at the Gaelic … Continue reading

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a walk behind the gaelic college, in springtime

This first picture, above, was taken last week on the MacKillop Road right behind the Gaelic College. Below is the same spot, yesterday: So it’s really great to be able to walk here on my lunch breaks! As you know … Continue reading

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on abundance

So yesterday was a pretty darn abundant day! The main thing was that I was on the front of the Chronicle Herald! This is the provincial paper in Nova Scotia, which has recently started a Cape Breton Edition, which is the edition … Continue reading

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