links loved / may 10


Chives in my garden, photographed earlier this week.

You guys! Oh man. This weekend just feels so good, I’m so pumped for it.

This past week at my Work Term has been awesome! (This post is from back in February when I announced that I’d be at the Gaelic College, and it explains a bit about the whole unpaid-internship-thing and why I’m there.) This past week, my second there, what made a big difference for me was that Margie, Colin and Joyce were back (the week previous they’d been over in Mabou at the Nova Scotia Gaels Jam), so the office was very lively.

Margie is the gal I’m working with, and Colin and Joyce are both fluent in Gaelic and around my age, and friends with Margie. When we go into town for lunch once a week, it’s those three I’m going with. They’re really fun and they all make me laugh constantly. In fact, I was quite proud when Colin said in one of his funny voices, “Now that I know you better, I’m going to make fun of your laugh!”

So, yeah. This weekend feels so good. There is a bit of room and time to stretch and relax, and there are good things to celebrate. Tonight we’re going to visit one of Adam’s cousins who just bought a little house in Florence. I’m excited for that! And tomorrow, Sunday, is another Farmer’s Market in North Sydney, as well as some hangout time with my dear Mom.

Anyway, on to Links Loved! Inspired as always by Elise and her great “weekend links” feature, here are some rad things I saw around the Internet this week:

These flower faces by Justina Blakeney are dainty and exquisite.

Mo Kenney singing at The Living Wall at CBU.

Kids saying what they like best about the Gaelic College. They are so adorable!! Mark MacDonald at 4:38 kills me.

I don’t usually go crazy about home-decor or home-design posts but this one makes me want to pack up all my things and go to there. It’s a treehouse! All my girlhood dreams come true!

Amy Schumer’s Ms. Gala speech is a bit PG-rated but so brave and bold.

Because I am basically in love with Elise, I had to grab some of these fun cards she’s selling in a pop-up shop this weekend only. Also because bright colours + hashtags are my jam. #jam

I really really really want to make some typographic art like this for my own home.

And this piece about random acts of chalkboard art blew me away with the quality of the work and the devotion to the adventure.

Have a great weekend!!

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