links loved / sep 6


Yesterday morning’s sunrise was spectacular! Rising at 6:30 isn’t so bad when you get to see things like that from your porch step in your PJs.

I’m off to the Annapolis Valley for a gal’s weekend, but first, some Links Loved: a weekly roundup of rad links I loved from the Interwebs, inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe’s weekend links series:

Behind the scenes of recording a fiddle tune.

Why it’s usually easier than you imagined, but also different.

The kind of garden marker I need!

Pretty petals in a gif.

Such a sweet story about a marriage by the husband on their 40th anniversary. Bonus: they live on Cape Breton!

Awesome climate-change event happening this month in Sydney. (More on that to come on this blog soon.)

Loved this peek into a gal’s sketchbook.

Seriously debating buying this (although once it gets to Canada it costs about $50 — ee yikes, a bit much for a planner).

The Bite House’s September menu looks delicious. Whisky milk jam? Pork Belly? Butter-poached hake? Ummmmm yes.

Katie’s tips for building a maternity wardrobe. (Not that I need them just yet.)

It’s the Fall/nesting instinct but I’m getting into rugs lately… like this beauty.

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

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name that plant! (the Leah’s-yard edition)


In the last edition of Name That Plant!, all the plants were pink.

This time around, the theme is that they were all in my yard when I went around taking a bunch of pictures yesterday evening. (Which was for the very “garden-nerdy” purpose of uploading the photos to my computer, and using Photoshop to play around with different ideas for the garden, over the winter to come, as well as labelling the plants that are currently growing so I don’t forget what’s where when the snow is high over the ground.) (This is what you get when you cross a graphic designer with a gardener.)

If you know what one, two or three of these plants are, leave a comment and let me know. There aren’t any flashy prizes, but you do get my respect and admiration! And those are pretty great, let me tell you.

I see #1 a lot in people’s gardens, so I imagine someone will know what it is. They came with the house. #2 was given to me by a friend, and I transplanted it again when I moved here to North Sydney, from my Mom’s place in Baddeck. When you rub the leaves, it gives off a strong smell that is hard to describe, sort of like lemon geranium but different. I also remember having it at my Dad’s house as a kid and we called it “Old Man’s Beard” but who the heck knows where that name came from. #3 is likely a weed since it grows in a part of the garden that is still pretty overgrown, but I wondered anyway.

ANYway, thanks in advance. Now … name that plant!

namethatplant1 namethatplant2 namethatplant3


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“slowly I came to realize the importance of dreams”


Yesterday at work I watched a video about a program in Virginia that provides jobs for people with disabilities. (I work for the Horizon Achievement Centre, and this is part of my research.) It was a great video, and afterwards I scanned the list of videos on the right and clicked on one called “Inclusion, belonging and the disability revolution: Jennie Fenton at TEDxBellingen.”

It was great to watch, not least because I loved the speaker’s Australian accent, since I miss living Down Under. (It’s only been ten years, haha.) But the main reason the video was great, obviously, was the heartfelt stories that Jennie told about her daughter, Mala, and the journey they’re on as a family because of Mala’s disability. She talked about the things she has learned about disability and the shift she’s gone through.

At 7:37 on the video, something Jennie said really struck me, so I wrote it down to share with you all:

“Slowly I came to realize the importance of dreams. So I need to make sure my girl knows she’s loved, just how she is. And that she’ll be supported to follow her dreams, no matter how large or small. I also need to help her be able to communicate those dreams.

“And I now have the same dreams for my daughter as I do for my son. The way to live those dreams might be different, but the dreams themselves aren’t: Happiness. Health. Growth. Education. Travel. Meaningful employment. Community contribution. Friends. Family. Love. Home. Belonging.

“To put it another way, like most of you with your children, I believe my daughter could be the Prime Minister of this country. Now right now you may be thinking I’m a little bit delusional. That’s OK! ‘How could someone with the limitations that my daughter has around mobility, communication, and motor skills, ever have a real job? Or live in her own home? Or any of those things that most people take for granted.’ Well I know she can, because I love stories, and over the last few years I’ve been collecting stories about things that people with disability around the world are doing. Living real lives, in their communities. And there’s a profound shift happening.”

Have a great Thursday, friends!

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the rainbow keyboard

rainbowkeyboard1 rainbowkeyboard2

I get a lot of comments on my rainbow keyboard so I thought I would share a little bit about it.

Basically, back in May I saw rainbow decals on a Mac keyboard, on a blog called The Dainty Squid. Her blog post was talking about the decals a whole year later, and how well they had held up. I loved the look and decided to buy some for myself as a grading day present.

(Spoiler alert that you can probably already tell from these photos above: mine didn’t hold up as well as The Dainty Squid’s did.)

This Instagram photo shows them when they were brand new, four months ago:

And this one shows them just a month later. You can tell that one key (the “D”) had already peeled.

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@lenadunham and lazy pizza for the win.

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What kept happening with the keys that I used the most, is that the decal would peel away from the edges of the key, and start to bug me. So I would just peel it right off. That kept happening with various keys until it looks like it does now (pictures at top of post).

On most of the keys where I’ve peeled off the coloured part, there is still a piece of clear plastic remaining. One of these days I intend to shut the computer off and peel all the clear plastic decals off. I like the coloured decals that are remaining. It doesn’t look as it did in the beginning, but that’s OK. It still gives the keyboard a bit of colour and “fun factor”. People notice it both in Instagram photos and in real life, and we chat about it. I like that.

Would I get them again, even though they didn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped? Yeah, probably. They’re fun and colourful, and for a workhorse computer like this one that I use for creative purposes daily for hours, it’s important to make it a fun experience. I’ve also realized which keys get the most use, as sort of a side effect of the peeling process. And I’m a nerd for random facts, so it’s been interesting to see that the only letters that didn’t peel yet are “Q” (not surprising) and “P” (kind of surprising).

If you’re interested in getting some for yourself, this is the product I purchased. That’s not an affiliate link, I’m just supplying it in case you’re interested.

Have a great Wednesday!

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50%, more or less


After air and water, food is crucial to a human’s survival. And luckily, I already have access to local supplies of the first two!

So now it’s time for me to focus more on local supplies of the third.

This month, people across Nova Scotia are signing up and pledging to eat more local foods. My friend Alicia Lake is one of the driving forces of this month-long club, since she’s been challenging herself to go 100% local for a month, for a few years now. (Her personal blog is here.)

I signed up, although I’ll tell you a secret that’s not really a secret, I don’t care too much about the numbers. I’m not figuring out my food budget and making sure 50% of it is spent locally. I’m not keeping track of what I eat daily and how much of it is local.

I know myself well enough now to know that if I committed to doing that, it would quickly lose appeal for me and then I would just stop. I’m not a marathon runner or even a “Couch-to-5K”-er. I walk 10 minutes when I can and an hour another day, when I can. It’s just how I roll: I like to keep track of things and work on a goal in a way that’s easy for me and approachable, and not bring stress.

So for me, what I’m focusing on for this month and this challenge are the actions: going to the Farmer’s Market, sourcing other foods from the farm gate, reading the posts other people are leaving on the Facebook group, looking for local foods that are in the supermarket, asking the supermarket for more local foods, and bringing more local foods into my and Adam’s diet.

And that’s another key point: I have Adam to deal with. He’s a fussy eater and doesn’t like change. Seriously. The guy doesn’t eat mushrooms, fish, a variety of veggies, and likes to have meat with every meal. He also doesn’t love the “weirdo” grains like quinoa, buckwheat, etc. If it were just me I was cooking for, I’d be eating big veggie steams every night. But, that’s not the situation.

More than making sure I hit 50% on the nose, what’s important for me is that I’m realistic about what I can accomplish, and that I challenge myself to actually accomplish it. We all have our own unique situations that can make it challenging to eat local. What’s important is that we work on it anyway.

One thing I’m loving about the 50% Local Food Club page is all the recipes they have gathered! Check them out here.

Gif at top of post made with the PartyParty app.

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links loved / aug 30


I just love this shot above from the wedding I went to yesterday. The bride’s friends decorated the getaway car, and wrote all over it! This little detail is cute: “Love is much closer than it appears.”

So here we are again, and it’s a fine weekend on the island so far! Sunny, crisp and clear. I’m off to the farmer’s market, but first, some Links Loved: a weekly roundup of some rad links I loved from the Interwebs, inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe’s weekend links series.

A clever ad campaign from Toronto to combat littering.

Gorgeous stationary and website.

A great garden tour from Niki Jabbour.

I’m craving pressing flowers and using them to decorate my home.

Love this pastel drawing by Linda.

I’d love to make a wall like this in our home!

An unconventional way to stop the oil companies.

Love this outdoor dinner party.

As of September 1st, I’m making 50% of my diet from food grown and produced in Nova Scotia. Sign up here to take part in the month-long fun challenge!

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

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there it was


Yesterday I didn’t write a blog post. This came about because of a combination of not having the time, and also not having anything in particular that I wanted to say. Sometimes I just* feel like wanting to be quiet, on social media. I’m learning to embrace it and not feel anxious about it, and worry that my blog will lose momentum or whatever, if I didn’t post that day.

Anyway, all day I was kind of* looking for something, and wondering what small detail would pop out at me and say “snap a photo of me, and share me!” Would it be a flower? A carved wooden banister? A cloud? A shadow?

All day long, as I worked, interacted with people at my job, drove around on my lunch break and mailed off some parcels, chatting with the Canada Post worker, and as I went and shopped for some tees after work, I felt that quiet feeling. Just wanting to go about my own stuff and not pop up on anyone’s digital radar. Not talking or commenting or listening, even, to the low hum of Facebook or Twitter.

I drove home. I pulled into the driveway. I opened my car door. And there it was – the small detail I’d been waiting for. The one red leaf on an entire still-green burning bush. Crimson-bright and individual. Saying, “Here you go. For being quiet. For waiting.


Today I’m leaving work early to head to a wedding in Englishtown. This post from last summer has photos from the property where I’ll be going, to see my friend — who I was visiting in that post — get married. I’m excited; I love declarations of love, and gatherings of family. I have a feeling Caroline’s is going to be especially lovely.

Hope you have a great Friday!


*I feel like these are legitimate uses of these words, not diminishing something that shouldn’t be diminished. (See day-before-yesterday’s post.) But I had to think about it for a sec!

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