there it was


Yesterday I didn’t write a blog post. This came about because of a combination of not having the time, and also not having anything in particular that I wanted to say. Sometimes I just* feel like wanting to be quiet, on social media. I’m learning to embrace it and not feel anxious about it, and worry that my blog will lose momentum or whatever, if I didn’t post that day.

Anyway, all day I was kind of* looking for something, and wondering what small detail would pop out at me and say “snap a photo of me, and share me!” Would it be a flower? A carved wooden banister? A cloud? A shadow?

All day long, as I worked, interacted with people at my job, drove around on my lunch break and mailed off some parcels, chatting with the Canada Post worker, and as I went and shopped for some tees after work, I felt that quiet feeling. Just wanting to go about my own stuff and not pop up on anyone’s digital radar. Not talking or commenting or listening, even, to the low hum of Facebook or Twitter.

I drove home. I pulled into the driveway. I opened my car door. And there it was – the small detail I’d been waiting for. The one red leaf on an entire still-green burning bush. Crimson-bright and individual. Saying, “Here you go. For being quiet. For waiting.


Today I’m leaving work early to head to a wedding in Englishtown. This post from last summer has photos from the property where I’ll be going, to see my friend — who I was visiting in that post — get married. I’m excited; I love declarations of love, and gatherings of family. I have a feeling Caroline’s is going to be especially lovely.

Hope you have a great Friday!


*I feel like these are legitimate uses of these words, not diminishing something that shouldn’t be diminished. (See day-before-yesterday’s post.) But I had to think about it for a sec!

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