links loved / aug 30


I just love this shot above from the wedding I went to yesterday. The bride’s friends decorated the getaway car, and wrote all over it! This little detail is cute: “Love is much closer than it appears.”

So here we are again, and it’s a fine weekend on the island so far! Sunny, crisp and clear. I’m off to the farmer’s market, but first, some Links Loved: a weekly roundup of some rad links I loved from the Interwebs, inspired by Elise Blaha Cripe’s weekend links series.

A clever ad campaign from Toronto to combat littering.

Gorgeous stationary and website.

A great garden tour from Niki Jabbour.

I’m craving pressing flowers and using them to decorate my home.

Love this pastel drawing by Linda.

I’d love to make a wall like this in our home!

An unconventional way to stop the oil companies.

Love this outdoor dinner party.

As of September 1st, I’m making 50% of my diet from food grown and produced in Nova Scotia. Sign up here to take part in the month-long fun challenge!

Have a fantastic weekend, friends!

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2 Responses to links loved / aug 30

  1. well aren’t you the sweetheart….or you’re just testing to see if i’m still watching eh 😛 thanks a lot, that was so lovely of you to link to my painting! cheers, linda

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