name that plant! (the pink edition)


namethatplant So I took a walk around my neighbourhood yesterday evening, and as usual was admiring and checking out the various gardens I passed. I took pictures of three plants that I don’t know, but want to know, for future planting in my own gardens. They all happened to be pink, so this is the Pink Edition of what will likely turn out to be a regular feature!

So I’m shamelessly using my blog to find out what they are, haha. If you know what one, two or three of these plants are, leave a comment and let me know. (I feel like one and three are variations of the same plant?) There aren’t any flashy prizes, but you do get my respect and admiration. And those are pretty great, let me tell you.

ANYway, thanks in advance. Now … name that plant!

namethatplant2 namethatplant3 namethatplant4

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8 Responses to name that plant! (the pink edition)

  1. Nicole MacLennan says:

    Hi Leah!

    You probably already have your answers. ..but just in case., in order… a spirea, a smoke bush and a butterfly bush. Can’t resist a plant challenge…gardening is my obsession (when I’m not at the beach that is!)

    Take care!

    • leahcnoble says:

      Thanks very much!! I’ll note those down. And I’m glad that people like yourself liked the challenge… it will come in handy when I need to identify plants in future!!

  2. haya says:

    i am mega useless when it comes to naming plants, but that middle one always reminds me of the lorax for some reason.
    love summer blooms!

  3. margo moore says:

    Last one is, I think, a butterfly bush. Great for attracting butterflies!!!

  4. simonlise says:

    nicole is right on, spirea (spiraea) smoke bush (cotinus conggygria)and butterfly bush (buddleia)

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