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“Ideas Powered by Passion” – Why Rural Matters

It starts by writing. This is me in the Toronto Airport last week. It was the day before I was to give a short speech as part of “Ideas Powered by Passion”, in Sydney, and before the flight I was … Continue reading

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The Easter Eggs of Cape Breton

There were eggs from all over! The main locations were Baddeck and the Sydney/North Sydney area, but there were also entries from St. Peter’s, Gabarus, Tarbot, and the Two Rivers Wildlife Park. (You can see all these pictures on the … Continue reading

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Watch this space for a fun announcement coming up, to do with Easter, and reader participation!

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Frugal Friday with Erika Shea: DIY Sushi

A few weeks ago we set out to make sushi at home for the very first time. We learned two very important lessons: (1) it is easier than you might think; and (2) it is cheaper than you might think. … Continue reading

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Facebook Links – Weekly Round-up

Before I bought the domain name “” this past January, and started this blog, I created a group with the same name, on Facebook, to connect with other young people in Cape Breton. My original purpose for it was just to have a … Continue reading

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Frugal Friday

One of the things that comes up a lot when I’m talking to people about living in Cape Breton is money. And usually, the lack of it. Life is expensive these days. A whole generation – people my age – … Continue reading

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Dream Big’s own map!

Mathieu Noble, working with local company Integral Geomatics, created a map especially for use on this blog! (Full disclosure – Mathieu is my brother. But no, I didn’t have to arm-wrestle or noogie him to get him to do this.) … Continue reading

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