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a celebration

Yesterday at the marina we had a little party. The occasion was that it was forty years since Charles Weaver began operating this business in Baddeck. He started it as “Baddeck Marine and Sports” and over the years it became … Continue reading

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“but what she really likes to do is write”

It’s funny how life goes. How things happen, and when we’re in the moment they don’t seem like much, but then they take on significance after the fact. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about something that happened earlier this … Continue reading

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fifty percent

  Well here goes nothin! My friend Alicia is on her third year of eating 100% local for the month of September. This year a bunch of people have pledged to join her in eating 50% local. Including me. Yikes! … Continue reading

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  Good things: kittens friends bare feet in grass beautiful light swimming in the ocean impending rain old apple trees fresh berries staining my hands

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in praise of things that are free

It was a good weekend. I hadn’t had a Sunday off from work (and not been travelling) in a couple of months. It was a “real” weekend and it was glorious. Friday I had the day off, and that morning … Continue reading

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getting out and about

Two days ago, at work, Flossie messaged me in MMS (that’s the computer system that’s on her computer upstairs and the front desk computer too, and that we all have profiles in, and use to send each other messages) to … Continue reading

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I’m engaged! With my community, that is…

I also have a post up today over at the blog “Civic Engagement from Local to Global,” which is part of a research study being done by Cape Breton University professor Tanya Brann-Barrett. I wrote about my tips for “making a relationship … Continue reading

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