getting out and about

photo-13 photo-14 Two days ago, at work, Flossie messaged me in MMS (that’s the computer system that’s on her computer upstairs and the front desk computer too, and that we all have profiles in, and use to send each other messages) to ask if I wanted to go to the market with her. Cindy was at work to cover my break for me, (normally it’s Flossie who covers for me), so I said yes. Of course! Flossie rocks and the market rocks, so it was a no-brainer.

We got butter chicken and samosas, and sat and ate them. Natalie Arsenault of Maritime Rideshare was there and we got to chat in person – it was so nice to meet her, and her little girl Melody, and partner Pepito. (I connected with Natalie last year when I helped promote her website here.) Then Jenny and Donna Johnson came over and said hello – more people I usually see online. On my way to the cupcake table for dessert, I stopped to chat with Nona Dyke, and her friend Anne MacDermid, who told me she reads this blog (Hi Anne!). Linda Wright waved from her pottery table. Other people came and went and smiled or stopped to chat.

Then when I was back at work, a beautiful family stopped by the front desk where I work, and the mama introduced herself by saying she reads this blog too! They live in England but have a family member living here in Cape Breton. Hi Corinna! (I hope I got that right?) Thanks for stopping in, I’m so glad you did!

So all of this really made my day, on Wednesday. It showed me that it’s so worth it to get out of my comfort zone and out of my daily routine, both in terms of writing a blog and putting it out there (making the time to do that every day), and in terms of actually physically going to local places like the market and spending that oh-so-valuable-and-irreplaceable face-to-face time with other people.

Because that’s what community comes down to. Other people. In the same place as me. Sharing something: a meal, a smile, a chat about weather, a love of this place.


Well, I’m off to a wedding this afternoon! This seems to be the summer of weddings for girlfriends whose names start with J, for me. There was June’s last month, now today it’s Joy’s. And in a few weeks, Jess’s. Weird!

Have a great weekend! Even if you’re working.

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