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seniors’ lunch in St. Ann’s Bay

So almost three weeks ago I went to read my short story “Night Swimmer” at a Seniors’ Lunch. There is a community hall and church in St. Ann’s Bay that holds weekly lunches for seniors in the area, and they … Continue reading

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livestreaming a talk about Slow Money

Last night there was a talk in Sydney that sounded great. However, I really wanted to be at home after a long day at school. I love community events, yes, but like everyone, I have a limit on how much … Continue reading

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links loved

On a midwinter Saturday, I walked for two hours, from our house to downtown North Sydney, and back. I returned two library books, and picked up two new ones. I stopped in to the Canton Restaurant to talk to my … Continue reading

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content with less content

Some days I am “content hungry,” and troll Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest like a cow seeking out rich grass to chew and chew. Other days I am “content full,” and all the content I want is outside of screens: the … Continue reading

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the laziest of the lazies

The snow is starting to pile up. I mean, technically it started to pile up when it started to fall, and when the plow came by the first time and made a small fortification across the foot of our driveway. … Continue reading

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four simple goals + one little word 2014

New Year’s Eve, as you no doubt are aware, is the time when a lot of people set goals or resolutions. It’s a natural turning point, a time to look back at the year behind us, and look ahead to … Continue reading

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the important thing

Yesterday I was standing in line at the Super Store. It was a long line so I resisted the urge to take out my phone (because really, I don’t need to check Facebook and Twitter a hundred times a day, … Continue reading

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