seniors’ lunch in St. Ann’s Bay


So almost three weeks ago I went to read my short story “Night Swimmer” at a Seniors’ Lunch. There is a community hall and church in St. Ann’s Bay that holds weekly lunches for seniors in the area, and they have a guest speaker each week. I agreed to fill 40 minutes by first reading the story, which takes 15 minutes, and then talking about this blog and reading a few of my favourite posts.


(As I was taking this selfie, while waiting at the Englishtown Ferry, a man was walking in front of me. “Are you taking my picture?” He said. “No,” I said, “I’m taking my own photo.” Not sure which one is more awkward, really.)


The food is nutritious as well as being super tasty. Here is a blog post from last November by lunch volunteer and writer, Susan Zettell, on her own blog, explaining how the program gets funded, who makes the food, and why it’s so great for the community.

seniorslunch05 seniorslunch06 seniorslunch07 seniorslunch08 seniorslunch09 seniorslunch10 seniorslunch11 seniorslunch12 seniorslunch13 The posts I read aloud were my first post ever on this blog, my post with my advice to high school graduates, and my post about realizing I am living my dreams and what dreams I have for the future. I also answered a few questions from the audience about blogging, like “is privacy a concern?” and “do you edit your posts?” (Yes, definitely, and most of the time.)

It was a really special day, getting to take the day off school, drive over to St. Ann’s and read for the gathered folks, and then sit and eat great food, and chat with everyone after. It’s a very special place. (Here is another post from almost two years ago about taking a drive through St. Ann’s. As you’ll see, I took awkward selfies then, too!)

Also, last fall I took a hike on the Red Islands Trail, which starts and ends in the parking lot of the church where I went for the Seniors Lunch.

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4 Responses to seniors’ lunch in St. Ann’s Bay

  1. Sandy Foster, Grant st. in summer says:

    Like your posts, They keep me connected during the winter months away from the Island. Thank you so much.

  2. hermit2003 says:

    I was supposed to go to that luncheon with a friend, but wasn’t well, so I missed it. I have been there before and the food is always excellent. I remember having a most delicious pumpkin soup there once, and was delighted that we were given the recipe for it. It was not at all complicated but very delicious and I have made it several times since then. I wish I had known how to do that in my teaching days when I had to find a use for the jack-o-lanterns after Hallowe’en.

    Sounds like you reading went well–glad to hear it!

    Sue Bain

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