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10 Beaches/2012: Kennington Cove

Kennington Cove is one of the darlings of the Cape Breton beaches. It’s sandy, wide, and set in a National Historic Site of Canada, so that the woods all around it are still intact, and there are no houses. Kennington … Continue reading

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Q+A with Denise Joyce

A month or so ago I was invited on Facebook to an event in Sydney Mines called “Love Yourself”. Curious, I checked it out, and this is the description I read in the “Event info” section: I want to create … Continue reading

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gone to the beach

I woke up when Adam did. (6 am.) Packed the beach bag (that took three seconds). Did a couple of other essentials (check email, eat breakfast, shave legs). Now I’m on my way. It’s sunny, it’s my day off, and … Continue reading

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river girls (and boys)

Yes, the water really is that clear. I took this shot with my iPhone and then ran it through an Instagram filter – maybe Valencia? Just to perk the colours up a bit. But that river doesn’t look a lot … Continue reading

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stress = no fun, but balance = ??

It’s been a busy summer, and lately I’m thinking a bit about stress, to-do lists, and the balance between getting things done, and relaxing and letting life fill in the blanks. This list is obviously facetious, but I’ve definitely written … Continue reading

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it’s the weekend!

I think our plan is to go camping by a river (not this one – this one is the Baddeck River, snapped last month). But, who knows – plans change pretty fast around here, depending on our mood, how busy … Continue reading

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Frugal Friday: Brian Dean on Thrift

I interviewed Whitney Pier resident Brian Dean, and his partner Erin, back in February. Since then, Brian has written a guest piece here about cleaning up your neighbourhood, which was honest, sharp-witted, and funny. He’s a really thrifty guy and … Continue reading

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