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Books that Changed Me: “The Winter of Our Disconnect”

This is a book that I’ll probably end up buying someday. Most of the books that I take out of the library several times over a year end up being books that I buy. It was that way with “Animal, … Continue reading

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Loving the Internet and hating it at the same time. (So many images! And inspirations! And cool people doing cool stuff, or wearing cool stuff! Or sites to check out! I get all excited about things, click “Like” a bunch … Continue reading

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Oh, OK, just one…

It seems that I just can’t stay away from you – “you” being the nebulous group of readers, the Internet in general, and my blog in specific. Having a little break is really good for my head, overall. It’s so … Continue reading

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taking a break til after Christmas

It’s been 11 months since I started this blog. It’s been amazing so far, and I’m oh-so-grateful for all the people I’ve met, both online and in real life, the conversations I’ve had, and the ability to get an idea … Continue reading

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Maritime Fiction: Philip Roy

In this portion of an interview originally published on the Cape Breton University Press blog, Philip Roy, author of Blood Brothers in Louisbourg (CBU Press, September 2012), talks about writing Blood Brothers, creativity and aging, and his associations with Cape Breton. You … Continue reading

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the island versus the counties

I’m from Baddeck. It’s in Victoria County, one of the four counties on the island. When I told people in Baddeck that I was moving to North Sydney, which is in Cape Breton County, sometimes people would say, “Oh that’s … Continue reading

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leaves for a dance floor

Leaves have such a great texture to them. Pictures don’t do the reality of leaves justice. They don’t communicate the quiet rustle of them, the soft way they rot all over the lawns and sidewalks of the neighbourhoods. The way … Continue reading

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