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Lighten up

Lately in some of my classes we’ve been working with shadows. The top photo is of an India Ink illustration we had to do. The specs were: an object in silhouette, with a shadow that is of something different. 8″ … Continue reading

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Can we talk about this?

I want to talk about climate change. Not all the time, not ad nauseum. I don’t want to focus on it manic-style, unable to do anything else but read the terrifying facts and guesses. I also want to fold my … Continue reading

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Winter garden

“The best laid plans” – how does that saying go? Of mice and men, or something? The plans go astray, anyway. No matter how well-laid out. I came through the holiday with the thought, “Once 2013 rolls around I’m going … Continue reading

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2012: My Fave 10 Posts, and What’s Coming Up in 2013

Holy cats, a whole year has gone by already! They go by so fast. When you’re a kid you think adults are nuts, the way they say that all the time. But, getting up into my twenties myself, I realize … Continue reading

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Nollaig Chridheil!

Pronounced: “Nollag creel, agus bleana va oor.” Means: “Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!” in Gaelic. (Learn more about Gaelic in Nova Scotia here.) Here is an interview from earlier this year, on this blog, with Dawn and Margie Beaton, … Continue reading

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Christmas cards + ten years

I love sending handwritten mail. I just do. Ever since I was a little girl, way back in the days before email, when my parents encouraged me to seek a pen pal by placing an ad in “Rural Delivery” magazine, … Continue reading

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A year, more or less

It’s mid-December, and I’m up and ready to get to some housework at 7 am. I rose when my partner did, and made him breakfast and for myself also. I saw him off at the door. Thank goodness for his … Continue reading

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