Lighten up

photo-6 IMG_5249 IMG_5250 IMG_5255 Lately in some of my classes we’ve been working with shadows. The top photo is of an India Ink illustration we had to do. The specs were: an object in silhouette, with a shadow that is of something different. 8″ x 8″.

The other photos are for my Photography class. We had to take pictures of shadows. That was fun: I like being given a parameter and having to work within it. “Just shadows” makes you see shadows differently. Makes you consider all the different things you can do with just shadows.

I know it’s been a bit heavy around here lately, what with my last post about climate change (a really fun topic to talk about!!! yeah!!!) and the one before that about winter gardens and quietness, going inward, etc. In spite of all that, I’m actually in a pretty great mood much of the time, in general. I have impromptu dance parties in my kitchen, I laugh a lot with friends, and I try and keep a positive outlook on things.

Despite the crappiness in life (that has always been, that will always be, no matter the era), it is still a good life.

And besides that, it’s Friday! Wooooooo!

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