taking a break til after Christmas

I’m working on a handlettered banner for the blog’s redesign, which is part of one of my classes at school.

It’s been 11 months since I started this blog.

It’s been amazing so far, and I’m oh-so-grateful for all the people I’ve met, both online and in real life, the conversations I’ve had, and the ability to get an idea out there and have people connect with it on the Internet.

Cape Breton has steadily blown my mind more every day as I realize that every square inch of the island has stories to tell.

But at the moment I feel like I’m half-assing two projects that are equally important to me. One is school. The other is this blog.

Mind you, no-one else is probably noticing this. I’m a good writer and a hard worker, and so I’m confident that so far, my work in both realms has remained impressive, or at least passable.

But I’m starting to feel the cracks. Both when I’m working on a school assignment, and when I’m writing blog content, I feel bad that I’m taking time away from the other project. That’s not good, when school has very real deadlines and is something I’ve paid a fair bit of money to be doing.

So I need to focus. Clear away the things that don’t need my attention right now, and focus on what does.

I absolutely intend to return to blogging after the Christmas holidays, in 2013. I absolutely have interviews to post, ideas to write about, things to share.

And the Facebook group will remain active, so if you want to ask questions, share information, or in some other way connect to over 600 people who either live on Cape Breton or who are in some way connected to caring about Cape Breton’s future, go nuts there!

In the meantime, enjoy your November and December. See you soon.

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2 Responses to taking a break til after Christmas

  1. scottmac56 says:

    Happy holidays. Hurry back.

  2. It’s smart to recognize when you need to pull back and take a break! We’ll miss you!

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