currently Loving the Internet and hating it at the same time. (So many images! And inspirations! And cool people doing cool stuff, or wearing cool stuff! Or sites to check out! I get all excited about things, click “Like” a bunch of times, and then I’m all worn out. Without having actually done anything but click. Ya know?)

Walking a lot. And then taking pictures of my feet and putting them on Instagram.

Reminding myself not to think too much this time of year. My brain can run around in circles like a dog after a tail, worrying about climate change, overconsumption, the world, and the future. Things that are much, much bigger than a breadbox, and far too big for me to fix in an afternoon. (Not that I shouldn’t care about these things at all, but I need a reminder to chill out, too.)

Writing cards by hand and mailing them by Canada Post. It feels like a good, strong antidote to all the computer-based creating I do these days. Something necessary, like a home-cooked meal after lots of junk food.

Trying new drinks like Candy Cane Hot Chocolate and London Fog, when I meet up with a classmate at a local cafe for some study time once a week. It’s a lovely little perk. And yes, that’s a pun – the cafe is called “Wentworth Perk”.

Feeling winter. Emotionally and physically feeling the cool air, the snow, the hibernation. It’s a time of year when I feel like hiding. Like making a “fort” in the living room out of sheets and blankets and pillows, and snuggling up underneath it with a good book and a snack. Like Nutella on apples. Or candied nuts.

(Edit: the font in the picture is Lobster Two, and is a free download from FontSquirrel. Also, if you want to know how to make circular images in Photoshop, I used this tutorial.)

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2 Responses to Currently

  1. Gordon says:

    You’re a rare one indeed, young Leah. And a blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. marie aucoin says:

    Still lovin’ your blog Leah…..excited to “click” onto DREAM BIG CAPE BRETON!Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

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