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The reflected world – what’s in a puddle. You’ll miss these little beauties if you don’t look. It doesn’t always have to be about revelation. Sometimes reflection is OK too. Happy Monday.

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‘i’ll be bold as well as strong’ – the power of songs

Magpie Girl is a blog I follow. She’s an ordained minister who has been called to be more of a magpie, collecting bits here and there, guiding and leading the Formerly Churched, the Fringe Dwellers, the Hybrids. (If this intrigues … Continue reading

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Gentle Dragons in Baddeck: Money for Farming

If you are a farmer or know a farmer on Cape Breton, who is looking for funding for their enterprise, read this. FarmWorks, an investment cooperative that invests in local agriculture in Nova Scotia, was formed just last year in the … Continue reading

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What lucky people do differently

Thought for the day, from this interesting piece: Wiseman surveyed a number of people and, through a series of questionnaires and interviews, determined which of them considered themselves lucky—or unlucky. He then performed an intriguing experiment: He gave both the … Continue reading

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Which treats should I give out?


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Two surveys for local stuff

I’m on a lot of different email lists and as a result sometimes I get links to various surveys that people are doing on things like bike usage or knowledge of fish. I dunno. Not really knowledge of fish, but … Continue reading

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“Personal, inspiring and community-minded” – not so much?

Sometimes I look up at that blog header and I’m like, “oh geez.” Why did I set the bar so high? I just want to write about kittens sometimes. Kittens, and music videos.

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