‘i’ll be bold as well as strong’ – the power of songs

Magpie Girl is a blog I follow. She’s an ordained minister who has been called to be more of a magpie, collecting bits here and there, guiding and leading the Formerly Churched, the Fringe Dwellers, the Hybrids. (If this intrigues you in any way, click through to her blog and check her out. You know yourself – some people are inclined to be interested, and others, not so much.)

This last week she wrote a piece about the power of song.

And she referenced the song “I Will Wait” by Mumford and Sons, and shared this video of the song performed live.

It’s a popular song right now so perhaps you’ve heard it already. I had. But, I’d passed it over. Thought it was good but didn’t give it a second thought.

But today something about the song really spoke to me. I bought the album on iTunes (my monthly album allowance) and drove to the grocery store with that song cranked loud, letting emotion out through my voice. It is a powerful song. Like Magpie Girl says, “It gathers up the longing of the soul and pours it out–a libation in banjo and bass.”

So listen. And sing.

“Now I’ll be bold,
as well as strong,
and use my head alongside my heart.

So tame my flesh,
and fix my eyes.
A tethered mind, freed from the lies.

And I’ll kneel down,
and wait for now.
I’ll kneel down,
know my ground.

Raise my hands.
Paint my spirit gold.
Bow my head.
Keep my heart slow.

I will wait, I will wait for you.”

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