Cape Breton Colour Week // rainbow

CapeBretonColourWeek-Grid So that was fun! Last week I did a colour a day, inspired by my fave blogger, Elise Blaha Cripe, who did a colour week in 2011. I’d been thinking about it ever since! I love the idea of going on a photographic scavenger hunt to boost my creativity and focus my eye.

The first day of my colour week I was really excited about it, the second day still mostly excited, but by the third day I had lost some steam. There was also that gross two-day storm in the middle, too, so I was storm-stayed in the house and not all that happy about that. But I’m glad I kept with it and kept taking the pictures and looking for the colours, because at the end of the project, putting this grid together of all the pictures made me really happy! It’s funny how by themselves, each picture isn’t overly remarkable, but all together they make something beautiful.

Overall the project reminded me that happiness comes down to what we choose to focus on. The elements for happiness are there, all around us: loving people, good food, clear skies, a good home. Making the choice to see those things, well, it can definitely be hard sometimes, for sure. I get that, and I feel it, often.

This project taught me that it’s still worth it to work on my “choice muscles” and choose to see the good things, because those things add up, and come together to make an overall beautiful picture.

Colour Week individual posts: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

Have a lovely Monday.

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