Cape Breton Colour Week // yellow

capebretoncolourweek-yellow01 Yesterday was a snow day for most of the Atlantic provinces, including here on Cape Breton Island. I slept in and then worked in my office for most of the afternoon, as our power stayed on all evening.

capebretoncolourweek-yellow02 capebretoncolourweek-yellow03 capebretoncolourweek-yellow04 capebretoncolourweek-yellow05 capebretoncolourweek-yellow06 capebretoncolourweek-yellow07 capebretoncolourweek-yellow08 capebretoncolourweek-yellow09 These are some beautiful beeswax candles that my mom and brother made. Poster is this one.

capebretoncolourweek-yellow10 capebretoncolourweek-yellow11 capebretoncolourweek-yellow12 I opened up an old issue of the Jamie Oliver magazine for more shots of yellow.

capebretoncolourweek-yellow13 capebretoncolourweek-yellow14 I forget why I have this piece of a box of wine pinned up — I think perhaps its the font that I liked.

capebretoncolourweek-yellow15 capebretoncolourweek-yellow16

This is from a print of a painting by Virginia McCoy.

capebretoncolourweek-yellow17 I left my friend Haya’s Christmas card up because its nice for feeling joy all winter-long, not just at Christmas-time. Although, today when our power went out and it was getting cold in the house, I wasn’t feeling very joyful about winter! But it is back on now (hence being able to post this) and its warm again. Let the wind howl.

Today I’m hunting for green. Hope you’re warm and safe wherever you are!


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4 Responses to Cape Breton Colour Week // yellow

  1. haya says:

    my christmas card is internet famous!!

    i was thinking of you today and that your power may have been off. it’s those days that one wishes for a wood stove.
    am loving colour week!

  2. Have a wistful image of future green. It is the colour of apple trees blooming

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