Cape Breton Colour Week // green


Yesterday I felt like I was coming down with a cold, the power was out, and the weather was just gross. (So windy!) I was a little bit discouraged. So I mostly slept. And then I went for groceries, and then we had to go get Adam’s truck, and a little bit after that the power came back on and life was good again.

In between all of that, I hunted for green.

capebretoncolourweek-green02 This is a cactus my grandmaman gave me years ago, in a pot that Adam’s mother gave us. In the left hand corner is the thank-you card from Lumiere, the festival I volunteered for last year. capebretoncolourweek-green04 This is a corner of a painting by my uncle’s wife Nathalie, who lives in Quebec. capebretoncolourweek-green05 capebretoncolourweek-green07 capebretoncolourweek-green08 capebretoncolourweek-green09 Yup, I’m that much of a dork that I have a “Think Cape Breton First” sign hung in my office. You can see me displaying this sign in 2012 at Kennington Cove, here. capebretoncolourweek-green10 capebretoncolourweek-green11 capebretoncolourweek-green12 Detail of a watercolour painting by my friend Ann Hart. I absolutely love having original art in my home, and consider it a kind of richness. Today I’ll be hunting for blue – the last day of Colour Week! Hope you have a great Friday.


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1 Response to Cape Breton Colour Week // green

  1. Sandy Foster, Grant st. in summer says:

    Love It but still no green, as in GRASS!!!!! Just WHITE as in SNOW………

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