lumiere, here i come!!

This coming Saturday, I’m so excited to check out Lumiere in Sydney!

lumiere1 lumiere2 lumiere3 lumiere4 lumiere5

(These are all photos of the 2012 Lumiere, courtesy of the lovely Alyce MacLean, the festival’s marketing coordinator.)

I hadn’t been able to attend the past two Lumieres, simply because the one-night festival has always fallen on the same weekend as the Cabot Trail Writers Festival, which I was attending as an organizer. From other people’s photos of Lumiere, however, I’ve always been intrigued by the cool-looking stuff, the lit-up storefronts, and the ‘rogue’ feeling of wandering around Charlotte Street at night, and wished I could somehow split in two and go to both events.

This year it worked out – the Cabot Trail Writers Festival is next weekend. So I was going to go to Lumiere this year anyway, but then the organizers asked me if I’d go and tweet/Facebook/instagram while I was there, as a “Social Media Volunteer”. Would I!?! Hells yes! As Adam will tell you, I hardly need a reason to bust out the social media anyway! But give me the title of “volunteer,” and baby, I will post the crap out of your event.

The hashtag to know is #lumierecb (that’s what I’ll be using to ‘tag’ my posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and Lumiere has their own Twitter feed too, it’s @lumiere_art. And if you see me out and about, do come say hi! I love chatting with folks face-to-face best of all.

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4 Responses to lumiere, here i come!!

  1. Gayle Bird says:

    Yes! I’ll be in the Artisans in the Attic – it’s an unofficial thing but there will be a bunch of artists upstairs making stuff. Come visit!!

    #lumierecb. Got it.

  2. John Johnson says:

    We’d love to be able to go but can’t, so we’ll be following you!

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