Cape Breton Colour Week // blue

capebretoncolourweek-blue01 This is a card my friend Julie in Ontario sent me. I love it, it feels so springlike.


So yesterday was the final day of my Cape Breton Colour Week, and I was looking for blue.

capebretoncolourweek-blue03 capebretoncolourweek-blue04 capebretoncolourweek-blue05 My T-square, which I hardly ever use, to be honest. But it makes me feel like a pro, haha.

capebretoncolourweek-blue06 This map was featured in the yellow post too. I have it on my office wall and I just love it.
capebretoncolourweek-blue07 I made this for a class project last year on Illustration techniques. It was fun, I love collage!


Then once I got to school I went for a little walk. Shadows on snow are blue, right?

capebretoncolourweek-blue09 And the sky was blue for a little bit. capebretoncolourweek-blue10 capebretoncolourweek-blue11 capebretoncolourweek-blue12 These are proof prints for something I made for a fundraiser my class is doing next week. We’re doing a silent art auction at school to raise money so we can attend the Creative Conference next month in Sydney.

capebretoncolourweek-blue13 capebretoncolourweek-blue14 capebretoncolourweek-blue15 My favourite scarf is my blue one.

capebretoncolourweek-blue16 Then once I got home I went for another walk. It had clouded over and was snowing again. But I still found a bit more blue.

capebretoncolourweek-blue17 This looks grey but it was blue I swear! capebretoncolourweek-blue18 And that’s that for Cape Breton Colour Week! I’m putting together a fun collage of all the pictures and I’ll have that on the blog on Monday, along with my thoughts on doing the Colour Week and what it taught me.

The other colours are here: red, orange, yellow and green.

For now I’m off to the market to get me some crepe-y goodness! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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4 Responses to Cape Breton Colour Week // blue

  1. Rhonda H. says:

    I have enjoyed seeing your week of color! I may do something like that this summer… (too busy to blog lately or rather it has taken a very low priority while I finish up the school year). But your colorful explorations made me think of the joy it is to get out and really SEE what is around me… thanks for the spark Leah!

  2. Janice says:

    It’s been fun to play along! Perhaps we’ll meet in person at the conference! I’ll be there for the first day. šŸ™‚

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