Cape Breton Colour Week // orange


The first bunch of photos are from around my kitchen, as I get ready in the morning and look around me for some examples of the colour of the day.

capebretoncolourweek-orange02 capebretoncolourweek-orange03 capebretoncolourweek-orange04 capebretoncolourweek-orange05 capebretoncolourweek-orange06

Then I got to school and remembered, Hey! My car is orange!


And so are the traffic cones I walk by every day on my walk into the school:


At lunch I went walking out the little dirt road that leads to the water tower.

capebretoncolourweek-orange09 capebretoncolourweek-orange10 When I got home I remembered this hand-painted wine glass has an orange bulb on it: capebretoncolourweek-orange11 Then I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and looked for more orange stuff. capebretoncolourweek-orange12 capebretoncolourweek-orange13 capebretoncolourweek-orange14 capebretoncolourweek-orange15 Today I’ll be hunting for yellow, likely just inside my house if this massive storm indeed hits us. Stay warm! And have a colourful day.


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1 Response to Cape Breton Colour Week // orange

  1. Sandy Foster, Grant st. in summer says:

    Like your Orange, But waiting for GREEN as in spring grass, leaves, etc. Great idea for posts….

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