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Signs of the Times – A Trip to North Shore

Last Friday I had to drive from my home in Baddeck to Wreck Cove for a meeting. I’m on the board of directors for the Cabot Trail Writers Festival, and myself and another board member are working on a project for the … Continue reading

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The Luthier and the Librarian: Brian Dean and Erin Phillips

Brian Dean and Erin Phillips live in Whitney Pier with their 4-month old daughter, Miriel. On one of the coldest days of the so-far mild winter, Feb 13th , I drive through Sydney and out to the Pier for a … Continue reading

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Frugal Friday

One of the things that comes up a lot when I’m talking to people about living in Cape Breton is money. And usually, the lack of it. Life is expensive these days. A whole generation – people my age – … Continue reading

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On Building Fires

We’ve been housesitting for the past three weeks, in a home that uses wood heat. It also has baseboard electric heaters, but wood heat is so much nicer and cozier. In the first week, I tried to light a fire … Continue reading

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Dream Big’s own map!

Mathieu Noble, working with local company Integral Geomatics, created a map especially for use on this blog! (Full disclosure – Mathieu is my brother. But no, I didn’t have to arm-wrestle or noogie him to get him to do this.) … Continue reading

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Moonlit mornings, and the project so far

I appreciate the sound of silence so much these days. I take the dog for a walk and I’ll be marching along, my head full of thoughts that are busy and buzzing like bees. Maggie, the dog, will stop to … Continue reading

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From the UK to North Sydney – The Hancocks

Morwenna Hancock and her family moved to Cape Breton from England, intending to stay only a short while on their way British Columbia, but liked it so much they are now putting down roots here. A mutual friend referred Morwenna … Continue reading

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