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a leaf and some needles

I’m in Baddeck for the weekend, back at my mother’s for a bit. It’s a nice mix of – things to do and people to see. And also going through old things. That takes so long! Oh my goodness. You’d … Continue reading

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where is the summer going?

That’s what I wanna know. It’s nearly the end of August! Time does indeed march on. I got myself some new shoes on the occasion of a friend getting married (which is where I’m off to, today – Lunenburg!) The … Continue reading

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Protocase, Part III: Q+A With Douglas Ronne

Two weeks ago I posted a photo tour of Protocase, Inc, a Sydney-based manufacturer of custom electronics enclosures. Last week I ran a Q+A with the co-owner of that company, Doug Milburn. This is a Q+A with their lead software … Continue reading

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seasonal work (or, “you do what you gotta do”)

So we’re into July now, and that means that in Baddeck – and, I’d imagine, most other parts of the island – we’re now in the busiest two months of the year. You know that saying about making hay while … Continue reading

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Happy 145th Birthday Canada!

I’m off to the Mainland for the long weekend. I’ll be back with regular programming on Tuesday. You know, it’s funny, when I was a kid, Canada Day was all about the parade – candy being tossed to us kids … Continue reading

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Market day!

I had forgotten over the winter about the true joy that is a community farmers’ market, live and happening. You know, in community work and in conversation about the future of Cape Breton’s food sources, people talk a lot about … Continue reading

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health of a community

Earlier this month I participated in the Canada Health Day Open House at the hospital in Baddeck. I made a display about my blog – all the while going, “Hmm, what the heck am I doing, bringing a blog to … Continue reading

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