Other Cape Breton Blogs

Lots of Cape Bretoners are writing blogs. Here are the ones I know about, in the order I found out about them.

(If you blog and live on CB, or have some connection with the island,  let me know and I will add your blog to my list!)

  • Katie of Polka Dot Soup: Katie writes about decor, gardening, design, love, and all kinds of other good stuff. She was also one of my classmates at NSCC.
  • Elizabeth at Lizzie Plays with Clay: Elizabeth Burtt is a potter.
  • Alicia Lake writes about eating local food on Cape Breton Local Food Adventure.
  • Doug Fraser is an artist living near Inverness. His blog shares his art, his thoughts and photographs.
  • Monika Dutt is the Medical Officer of Health for Cape Breton and she writes about public health and her travels and observations.
  • Samantha Morrison is a teen who works at a library and shares her love of reading on her Tumblr.
  • Katherine Scott is a paper artist who writes about her studio by the Gabarus shore and her art and observations.
  • Civic Engagement from Local to Global is the blog of a research project by CBU Professor Tanya Brann-Barrett.
  • The Contrarian is legendary journalist and consultant Parker Donham, who divides his time between Boularderie and Halifax.
  • I Like Your Style’s is a blog by Jacquie Blanchard, another of my former classmates at NSCC. She shares fashion sketches and observations.
  • Maritime Preacher is written by Nick Phillips, who is a United Church minister in Sydney Mines. He also writes “In the Trenches“, a more political blog.
  • Mike Targett is a web designer and community advocate. He lives in Sydney.
  • Janine of “Cooking with Craic” is a chef currently living in Ireland, who grew up in Cape Breton.
  • Bryan Picard writes The Bite House, a cooking blog with beautiful photographs. He lives in Baddeck Forks.
  • Kat MacAulay writes about running, fitness, being a new mom and other thoughts. She grew up in Baddeck and now lives in Calgary.
  • Willow Retreat is an off-grid retreat and wellness center in Middle River.
  • Turn A New Leaf is a blog by Henry Krieger and Tracey Marsh who operate Turn a New Leaf designs.
  • Potter Linda Wright is also a fantastic photographer and on her Blipfoto account she shares a daily photo.
  • Dan and Annick Hall’s search for affordable farm land brought them to Cape Breton in 2013.
  • Lory MacKenzie writes about outdoor adventure on The Highland Wanderer.
  • Kate and Brooke Oland farm in Middle River and write about their lives and their extended experiment in permaculture at Old Man Farm.
  • Bill Conall is a writer. He was in a writers’ group with me for several years and his writing is great! Funny and heartwarming.
  • Susan Zettell lives on the North Shore. She is an author and posts photos and thoughts of her daily life.
  • Music Cape Breton is Mike Little’s labour of love. It’s a great site for checking out local music happenings.
  • My friend Alyce MacLean has an ongoing series on Mainstreet Cape Breton where she talks to Cape Bretoners who are “Making A Difference.” Inspiring and rad!
  • What’s Goin On is a great site for local entertainment and events.

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