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Last weekend: stepping out in Halifax

So last weekend I headed off-island. I actually do get kind of a funny feeling when I drive onto the causeway and off Cape Breton. It’s a little twinge as if I’m driving away from the home of a loved … Continue reading

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hello summer, my old friend

It’s the first day of Summer! Today on her blog, LoveLife, Kal Barteski wrote: “In that ever-present effort to be in balance there is always something that slips a little.” Sing it, sister! Right now, for me, the things that … Continue reading

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Dear 2012 High School Graduates…

This June marks ten years since I graduated from Memorial High School. That kind of blows my mind. It’s almost time for this year’s graduating class to cross the stage to get their diplomas, so I’ve been thinking back over … Continue reading

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Belated Happy Father’s Day

I was travelling this past weekend and didn’t get a chance to post something for Father’s Day. So, a belated Happy Day to all the dads out there! You rock. This is a pic of me and my Dad on … Continue reading

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Frugal Friday: How To Make Paint out of Milk

Today’s post is from local blogger Angela Mercer-Penny. Her blog is called Five on Nine Farm, which is where she originally posted this piece. She lives outside of Sydney and also owns Sweet Biscuit Bath and Body, on Charlotte St. … Continue reading

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This is the Community Garden I’ve talked about before. It’s continuing to take shape. I like the tiled-sort of bricks between the beds. Very wheelchair-accessible, and also pretty. Nice! Myself and my friend Kate were sitting there at the garden, … Continue reading

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local tunes: John Gill

I cannot stop playing this video. The song is so good! It’s catchy and upbeat, but then when I read the lyrics, it’s haunting – it’s exactly how it can feel, to be young here in Cape Breton. i need … Continue reading

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