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on welcome

These days I’m thinking a lot about what it means to be “welcoming”. It’s a touchy subject. We all as humans want to be welcome, we all want to be part of the group, to be heard and loved and … Continue reading

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on taking a break from Facebook

So two weeks ago I put up a graphic as my profile pic on my Facebook page that said “Out of Office”(below). I set a three-week period where I would not be available on the popular social media site. The … Continue reading

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a visit to Big Hill Pottery

When I was a kid, my family was close friends with another ‘come from away’ family in the area, the Hendersons. Over my childhood and teenage years I spent a lot of time at Big Hill, with one of their … Continue reading

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on choosing to see the good stuff

Last week at the talk by Jacqueline Scott, she mentioned that successful women leaders more often frame things positively. I admit that sometimes I have a hard time doing that, and my first, internal reaction to a problem is usually … Continue reading

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book report / 3

Choosing to write about the books I’m reading, on my blog after I’ve read them, has forced me to think about why I read, and what’s important to me in a book. Basically, if a book grabs me, then it’s … Continue reading

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links loved / mar 8

A bit random, this photo was taken in Balls Creek when I was walking around last week, waiting for a part to be put into my car by the mechanics at Jed’s. Here are some things I’ve seen lately that … Continue reading

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gold + honey: international women’s day

Yesterday I stayed at school until 5, then went across the road to Flavor 19, where the Cape Breton Small Business Development Centre was hosting a Women in Business dinner and trade show, for International Women’s Day. As part of … Continue reading

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