on choosing to see the good stuff

mychurch1 mychurch2 mychurch3 mychurch4 Last week at the talk by Jacqueline Scott, she mentioned that successful women leaders more often frame things positively. I admit that sometimes I have a hard time doing that, and my first, internal reaction to a problem is usually anger, or defeat, or blaming. (It’s hard to admit that, because I sort of pride myself on coming across as positive, capable, and grounded.) Her words last week were a good spark for me, to remind me of the vital importance of focussing on the good stuff.

I might write the words “real or fake?” and post them above my desk. Along with all the other post-its that are there, ha!

Do you struggle sometimes with positive framing? Please tell me I’m not alone! 🙂

(These photos were taken in Munro Park on Sunday. You can see more shots of Munro Park in this post from September of last year.)



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1 Response to on choosing to see the good stuff

  1. Shelagh says:

    I think that looking at things positively can become a habit….a good one and one worth working on. It certainly helps me to feel happier and accomplish more.

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