morning routine






Now that I’m back in North Sydney full time, and back to school, which doesn’t start til 9:30, I have a new morning routine. I love it.

I wake up when Adam does (6 am), then make us both our breakfast and lunches. He leaves at 7. Then I go for a walk. I’m usually still half asleep, but it doesn’t matter – a body in motion is a good thing. I do a couple of turns around the walking trail at Munro Park, just down the street, and then back up the hill to the house. Then I unroll my yoga mat, light a candle, and sometimes turn on some “woo woo” music, some sort of Chinese flute/massage music that I got from my Mom. I do some yoga and meditation for maybe another 15 minutes. Then I get dressed and ready for the day. (I’m not a fussy make-up sort of gal, so getting dressed and ready for school takes maybe ten or fifteen minutes at the most.)

I really love getting outside for a walk every morning. Since I spend my days mostly inside, at a computer, I feel like getting started moving that early means that I don’t get lazy during the day, that I enjoy every little bit of walking that comes along in the day after. It’s a reminder to my body to sit up straight, to move, to not get stuck in one position.

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