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Learning design again every day and I love it! (Click here to read my post from this time last year about going back to school at age 28. Well, I’m 29 now and I’m going into my second year, and I am so glad I did!)

Doing yoga in the mornings and walking too.

Fighting a cold.

Sleeping for a couple of hours in the afternoon as a result.

Cooking dinner every night with my honey. It’s so normal and I love it so much.

Driving over to Sydney Mines to pick up my first business cards! (I’ll share the design process here on the blog soon.)

Expecting a tropical storm. (So warm and muggy!)

Laughing at lunchtimes with the girls. (You know who you are.)

Looking around at my office and shaking my head. Not sure where to begin. (Not only is there the mess from summertime, but then there is the stuff I had to take out of my car and which is piled around, as well as some stuff I forgot I had at my mother’s house, just random shit. Binders of stuff I collected years ago. Et cetera.)

Trying to eat more local food. Well, more like thinking about trying to. I’m pretty pathetic with it, really. (But am also intending to go to the local farmer’s market on Saturday!)

Dealing with insurance stuff for my poor car. Talking to an adjustor, an appraiser, and a rabbi. Just kidding. No rabbis.

Listening to Queen. Because I always liked their songs but never had any of the records, and I decided I wanted to know the songs better. (Really, I just want to be able to sing all the words to “Bohemian Rhapsody” because I have some delusion that that will make me cool. But really. Who am I kidding.)


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