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Last week one of my instructors, Brian Geary, brought our design class over to CBU’s art gallery. (It’s a five minute walk from the NSCC campus.) We went over to see the show currently in the gallery, “True Grit: The Urban Folk Creations of David P. Stephens and Kyle B. Jackson.”

We were given a lovely tour by Sarah Roth, and had fun checking out the car (yes! a whole car!), as well as the other pieces by the artists, and the “reference” gallery, which would be work by other Nova Scotia folk artists that is in the CBU gallery’s permanent collection. The work was great, really fun and colourful, and it was rad to break up a day of sitting in the classroom with a short walk and a roam around an art gallery. In fact, I might make a habit of it. After all, the gallery is free!

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2 Responses to true grit

  1. Rosie says:

    Have you seen the documentary Folk Art Found Me? If not, let’s make a date!

  2. Julie says:

    Folk Art Found Me is playing right now at the CBUAG in the feature gallery! We’re also having a free outsider film series all October long and Folk Art Found Me is our first feature! Thanks for visiting (and blogging about!) the CBUAG!

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