le printemps


printemps1 printemps2

I am in need of the springtime. Of le printemps.

I am in need of dirt-time. Of spend time outdoors, hearing the birds. Of walking around the garden and seeing new things coming up. Pulling things out too… that’s necessary.

Aaahhh… a breath in, and then a breath out. Slow it all down, girl. Slow it down.

To counteract the craziness of an overly “connected” world, the garden is the place for me.



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1 Response to le printemps

  1. Voyager says:

    Je suis une fille de trente-neuf piges , et j’assume totalement .
    Je m’appelle Iva.
    je suis des études de conductrice de ligne de fabrication .
    .. Mon caractère est plutôt réservé.

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