learning my lessons

Using Illustrator to trace over top of a scanned-in image (hand-drawn art), in the process of logo design.

The images are actually much larger, so if you want to see what my screen looks like when I’m working in these programs (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign), click on the image and it will open in a separate tab. Then you can zoom in on it, simply by clicking on it again.

Using InDesign to set text and learn typography.

Using InDesign to design a newsletter. (InDesign is a program that can be used to design whole books, too.)

Using Illustrator to mess around with letterforms.

If you’re wondering why I’m not posting as often as I did in the spring and summer, the answer is: school!

School school school school school school school school.

I love it! Typography, drawing, design of posters and newsletters, the history of art and of design, and learning so much about these computer programs and how they work.

But, after sitting at the computer for hours working on school stuff, I’m pretty sick of the computer. Of screen-based reality. Of clicking and moving a mouse. Of sitting in one place.

But, most of the work that goes into blogging (photo editing, emailing, editing text) is on the computer too.

So, the old blog is taking a back seat right now. It’s not getting out of the car completely – I love blogging, and I definitely want to keep it up – but school is the big priority right now, for sure.

Mental health is a big priority, too, since it was partly school that led to my depression five years ago, so I’m making sure that I get in a brisk walk every two days, that I get enough sleep, and that I get enough downtime to relax and connect with my honey. Cooking together and eating our meal together in the evenings is a good one for this. (Even if we’re eating in front of the TV.) No matter how busy school gets, I know myself well enough now to know that it’s not worth getting myself in a funk for.

I’m learning, too, that I work best if I work at something in short bursts, instead of longer periods. So if I start a project early, way before it’s due, but only work on it for 35 minutes every couple of days, I stay interested in it, I don’t stress (too much) about it being due, and it spreads all the various assignments out. (The trick is, remembering all the various assignments and when they are due… I am a big fan of my dayplanner!)

If you’re interested in my return to school (community college) at age 28, here are a couple of posts from earlier this Fall on the subject:

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