photo a day (kind of)


Well! What a lovely long weekend it was. (This photo isn’t from it, though. My phone took the, ah, opportunity on Monday evening to just up and quit, before I had the chance to take any photos off of it, so… this is from Friday. But, I think you get it. Beautiful, sunshiny, lovely.)

ANYway. What a weekend, hey? The weather was wonderful. I got over to Inverness one day, for a Celtic Colours concert, and over to Whitney Pier another day for another concert. And in the middle I spent a day at home with Adam, cooking and then hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for my Dad and Adam’s Dad, and of course Adam and myself. It was “Leah and the gents”. It was good.

(I’d show you pictures of all this Cape Breton/holiday loveliness, but I can’t, because my phone is being a lazy jerk.)

So, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend too! Or if you’re not in Canada, just a good weekend.



So I’m going to do something a little different for the next month here on the blog! What it is, is a “Photo A Day,” except for when I have something that’s not a photo.

Consistency is key in blogging, right? LOL. It will all work out, I figure.

The reason is that I’m really itching to focus and work on some other stuff for a little bit. I signed up for not one but two online courses, one being the 100 Rejection Letters by Tiffany Han, and the other being 30 Days of Curvy Yoga.

I also really want to spend a Fall season being a bit more inward, a bit less productive. The last two years, for me, in the Fall things ramped up, but I feel that’s sort of opposite to how it’s meant to be. The Fall calls me to be slower, to go to bed earlier, to snuggle up in the evenings and relax.

Funnily enough, my phone died right as I decided to do the photo-a-day, so that’s going to force me to use my “fancy” camera, as I call it in my head. (A DSLR.) At least for a bit, until the phone sitch gets figured out.

Anyway, without further ado, have a grand old Tuesday!



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happy thanksgiving to all


May you have pie, and people you love at the table.

May you take notice of all that is blessed in your life at the moment.

And may you be happy, healthy, and whole.

xo Leah


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what if // 2


What if: “what we need to do to fix Cape Breton” was actually a bunch of small, seemingly easy actions, just done one day after another?

What if: you could no longer say the words “we need”? What if you could only do?

What if: the people in power didn’t give a crap about your opinion, so telling them was a total waste of time? What would you do with your energies then? What would you do to make them come find you and ask you to tell them what to do?

What if: seeing other parts of the beautiful big world and working there was a good thing?

What if: Cape Breton was not the only place in the country or the world that had high unemployment?

What if: the Causeway ran both ways?

What if: actually physically living your life in Cape Breton, and making ends meet however you can, was an act of contributing to your generation?

The article that got me all fired up is here, and the first “What If” post on this blog is here.

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Brenna MacNeil: Graphic Design and I Love Cape Breton



What do you do if you find out that someone else is doing a similar-but-different product as you, on the other side of the island, and not only that, but that they’ve actually been doing it longer?

Well, you support them, of course!

I’ll admit that when I first heard about Brenna MacNeil’s “I Love Cape Breton” project, last month, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. (She’s been doing it since 2010.) First I worried that she would think I had copied her. Then I felt competitive, and wondered if she had copied me, which, it turned out, wasn’t even remotely true.

Then I took a deep breath, put on my big-girl panties, stopped over-thinking, remembered my manners, and wrote to her. I told her I had just seen her work, that it was great, and that I wanted to order some.


There is one sticker missing off this sheet already — couldn’t resist! I love stickers.

Then I realized: Hey! The folks that already know about and have purchased my “I Heart Cape Breton” products would probably also love Brenna’s products! She’s got slightly different products from what I make, and as I’ve said before (about blogging), the more Cape Breton love that’s out there, the better. A rising tide raises all ships; in other words, I hope we all make it.

So, let me introduce you to a fellow graphic designer and adorer of Cape Breton: Brenna MacNeil!

Brenna-Lucinda at Highland Village

She’s a momma to Lucinda (above) and wife to Brandon (below).

Brenna-Brandon at the beach

She’s a superb graphic designer with lots of great ideas.


tshirt arrival

lumiere-brennaAnd she’s a born-and-bred Cape Breton gal: Brenna grew up in Inverness. She lives now in Halifax, but comes back to Cape Breton often. She sold at the Mabou Farmers Market several times this summer, and her work is available on her website, at the Inverness County Centre of the Arts, at the Inverness Bearpaw, and at the Cabot Links gift shop.

Miss Brenna’s website is here. And her online shop is here. (You can also get to the shop from the website.)

Her stuff is great! Go check it out. I ordered one of the custom prints with my two hometowns (Baddeck and North Sydney — that picture is at the top of the post), and a calendar. I really love the quality of the work, it’s beautiful.

Oh and have an awesome Thursday!

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hack it!


Morgan Currie, Marcato’s Chief Technology Officer and Eric Lortie, Marcato’s Development Team Manager, the organizers of the event.

I’m going to Build Something Awesome!

At least, I’m going to try.

I’m absolutely not a developer, but I am a designer, and I’ve been dipping my toes in the development “pool” lately, at work, learning some PHP for a database project. So, I was excited to hear about an upcoming event right here on Cape Breton Island called a Hackathon, taking place over one weekend, where I would get to stretch my creative muscles, meet a bunch of new people, eat free food, and learn cool stuff too. Oh, and maybe even win $3000.

(Also, and this is not the least of my reasons, I’ll admit: I get to see Eric Lortie’s rad long ginger beard in person! I hope it’s as glorious as it looks in photos.)

(Oh, that’s not the reason you attend events? To see gloriously-long beards? Hmm.. this is awkward.)

Anyway, what the heck is a Hackathon? From Marcato’s press release: “Hackathons are popular, community-based computer programming events that take place all over the world, in which software developers come together to collaborate and compete against each other, either in teams or individually, to create new software in a limited amount of time.  Popularized by tech giants like Facebook and Google, Hackathons have become a unique aspect of the modern tech culture.”

Aforementioned owner of a rad ginger beard, and Development Team Manager at Marcato, Eric Lortie, says: “Every industry could benefit from events like hackathons. How great is it to see so many different people come together with their peers, in some friendly competition, in order to build something awesome? Amazing products that will hopefully contribute to amazing communities! We’re very fortunate to work in an industry where it’s so easy to see these events come to fruition. Things like hackathons are already a prominent part of the tech culture and they help make it better for everyone; from new developers just starting out and looking for experience, all the way to the most experienced folks.”

Since I’m really new to the idea of hackathons, I asked Ethan Fenton, Marcato’s Marketing Manager, about what sorts of things people actually build at these events. He said,

“The hackathon theme this year is #BuildSomethingAwesome, so it’s broad, but we think for our first year we didn’t want to limit any amazing ideas. Here are some ideas: A browser plugin for saving and customizing recipes, a web-app for building stage plots for music festivals, or an app for finding and securing produce at the Farmers Market. Apps can be built in any language/framework, and to be clear, nobody is expecting a complete piece of software to be written in 2 days — the best proof-of-concept or most original idea can still win over a complete, working app!”

The Hackathon is on October 18th and 19th, in Sydney. It’s being sponsored in part by multiple community organizations, including The Verschuren Centre, CBU’s #StartUpCapeBreton, NSBI, Innovacorp, Cape Breton Partnership, Island Sandbox, Vibe Creative Group, Collide Halifax Creative Technology Conference, & Doktor Luke’s Coffee Shop.

Find out more and sign the heck up here! And I’ll see you there!

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Maurice “Scoggie” Watson was 27 when Cynthia Scott made a film about him. It was 1975. (Film runs about 25 minutes.)


This film is almost 40 years old. Yet, the stories in it, and the truths they reveal, still ring stingingly true. If you live here, you get it. You get Scoggie’s devotion to a lake. You get why happiness and simplicity trumps leaving. You get, also, what he says about his peers and why they have to leave: that’s still true too.


“You have to be just be determined to stay here and stick it out, and maybe …work a little harder than you would …if you went to a big city where you get in softer jobs.”


“Calm and ordinary, hard-working people, that’s my kind of people. Down to earth people.”


“Sometimes, you meet a girl, that you think a lot of, and she can’t stay in Cape Breton because she can’t get work, in her field, and you get to think a lot of her and she has to leave here. That’s happened quite a few times. Where they find they just can’t, they just can’t stay around here and they have to leave. And sometimes go back to the big city or something like this. That’s one disadvantage of Cape Breton.”


“A lot of the kids growing up, they get pushed into college whether they want to go or not, and they’ll go to college and they’ll specialize in something. They get this specialized field and a bunch of letters after their name, and they have to go somewheres else to get a job, where they specialize in a certain field. Around Cape Breton, you don’t get that many jobs. So they have to, they have no choice. They have to leave Cape Breton to get the right work, that they’ve been studying for for years. They’re not trained to do anything else. They couldn’t stay around Cape Breton and start a farm, or start a maple syrup industry, or something like this. They studied all their life on kangaroos in Australia, and that’s where they have to go. Opposite of them, I didn’t have to specialize in anything, I just tackle anything, and take what would come along, and love Cape Breton enough so that I could stay. I don’t see any reason to leave, long as I can get a bite to eat every now and then.”


Gordon MacRae: “I think you find that, in the country, you know, you have to, if you want something, you have to do it yourself. Because there aren’t that many experts in all the different fields to call on. Very often it’s a matter of, you have to do it yourself, or you just don’t get it done.”


Scoggie passed away last month. I knew him a little bit; he once fixed a headboard of a sleigh bed I bought off Kijiji, with a piece of cherry wood that he had. Getting to go to his workshop, and shoot the shit, meeting the other fellows who dropped by, is a memory I’ll treasure. Scoggie’s cadence of speech and his wry wit always made me laugh, when he would come into the marina where I worked for four years.

After he passed, his daughter, who was a schoolmate of mine in Baddeck, sent me the link to the movie, which I had actually never seen. So, I watched it, and was totally blown away by it. You can watch it here.

I’m so glad we have this film to remember Scoggie with. His plain and simple, yet profound love for Cape Breton inspires me to keep on loving what I love. I’ll miss chatting with him and sharing banter, absolutely. But the way he lived his life was not for nothing.

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what you didn’t plan (or plant)


Last year in this bed, I grew tomatoes on purpose. The growing season ended, I pulled out the plants, and called it a day. (Or a season, I guess.)

This year, I didn’t grow tomatoes on purpose in this bed. But a seed from last year’s plant grew anyway. My mom calls that a “volunteer.” As you can see, I just let it “do it’s thing,” I didn’t put a cage around it or anything. And do it’s thing, it did: it grew and grew and grew, sprawling over the concrete steps at the back of the house.


I was in my garden yesterday (despite attempting to be lazy all Sunday, I just couldn’t help myself, and had to go out and poke around in the dirt a bit), and I looked at my volunteer tomato, and I thought about the metaphor it brought me, along with the fruit. And that is, that sometimes the things you didn’t plan for, come along in your garden bed anyway. Be grateful for them. Eat the tomatoes, and smile that you have them, even though you didn’t think you would.

For the ways of seeds, both literal and figurative, are mysterious and beautiful, and life is good.

Happy Monday, friends.

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