tea and a date square

datesquare I do not know where the time is going. It is seriously flying!

I’m sneaking in this blog post at the Wentworth Perk cafe on George Street while I wait to meet someone I’m working with. This meeting is for my actual day job, but this person works his own day job and then works on the database project with me some evenings a week while his daughter is in her cheerleading class.

As you can see I have a tea and a date square lined up to consume. My computer is open and I’m ready to play with PHP. I’m hoping to leave by 7:30 so I can make it home in time for dinner with my honey.

So after the Vital Awards last week (and hi! to any new readers I gained as a result), on Friday I helped out with the annual client Christmas party at work, which was a whole lot of fun. Then I went out with work friends after and danced like a silly person. (Oh, wait, I am a silly person.) The day after I was, umm, indisposed, although I did get it together enough to have brunch with some dear friends. (I don’t look too bad for someone who had only a few hours of sleep the night before, hey?) Then Sunday was the only day Adam’s had off in a while so we spent it being lazy, although at one point I did go outside and plant my garlic in the raised bed.

This week coming up at work, we’re organizing a Business After 4 event along with the local chamber of commerce, so there is lots to do for that. (I designed the ad that you will see at that link, for starters.)

And that’s my brain dump for today. No deep thoughts or inspiration for the future of Cape Breton, so much, but I wanted to write something!

Hoo! Ok. Onwards with database fun. What are you up to?


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