happy Friday!

happyFriday happyFriday2 HappyFriday3

Crazy to think it’s already November of this calendar year. The year has flown by! A lot of the time, this fast-time-passing thing makes me feel frantic, like I want to look around me to see where this time is slipping to, and grab at it with my hands. Hang on to it, and slow it down by pulling hard.

Then I get distracted by something and before I know it another day is gone.

That might be why the time goes by so fast.

Poster behind me in my office is this one and the one on the left of the desktop computer is this one.

Today I’m: …listening to Shakey Graves while I design stuff… Planning to attend the Vital Cape Breton Excellence Awards. … Eating lunch at the Lebanese Flower with two of my co-workers… and looking forward to a mini road trip tomorrow to PEI with my friend Rachael!

I’ve got some thoughts I’ll be sharing in the next week or so about the thinking and planning I’ve been doing on my blog break, about where I want to go with this blog next, and about just my creative life in general. But I haven’t thought and planned it all out yet, so it’s going to need a bit more time in the ‘oven’.

Driving to PEI oughta help…

And yes, I have my snow tires on. 🙂

Have a great weekend my dears!


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2 Responses to happy Friday!

  1. Emily says:

    I am glad you wrote this one! Steve and I are heading to Sydney tomorrow and I was going to contact you to see if you wanted to go for a tea. Now I know you won’t be around haha. Enjoy your road trip 🙂

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