Sacred Sundays: getting off my butt and out of my comfort zone


Not my image. I found this on the website for the event I’m about to tell you about. It’s by Jenni Welsh.

OK, so I’ve talked before here about how my Sundays are sacred. (And also here, about the hiking aspect of Sacred Sundays.)

They’re my and Adam’s day. They’re the one day a week that is just out. I don’t do stuff outside the house or with other people on Sundays (with very few exceptions: sometimes we go to Sunday dinner at Adam’s parents’ place, sometimes I have to attend a board meeting of the Bras d’Or Stewardship Society, and sometimes I go to the North Sydney Farmer’s Market). And I especially don’t do community events on Sundays, because I’m pretty immersed in community stuff the other six days of the week, both in person and on the Interwebs. And I need a break from it sometimes.

But this Sunday, September 21st, I’m making an exception.

And the reason is, climate change.

I know, I know: right there, with that term “climate change,” I lost you, didn’t I?

It’s kind of the worst. It’s such a massive problem. It’s not going away, as much as we all want it to. When I hear the term, I tend to make a grossed-out face, and then zone out.

BUT. That’s not the way to face problems, is it? Nope, not really. That ain’t gonna change nothin. 

So when I heard about the event this Sunday in Sydney, I took a deep breath and I said to myself, “Alright, Noble. It’s time to walk the talk.” And I committed to showing up.

So what the heck is this event anyway? Well, it’s called The People’s Climate Forum. It’s in Sydney, at the former Holy Angels building in the North End. It’s on Sunday, September 21st. It’s from noon until 4 pm. There will be a film released and screened, that’s all about climate change in the Canadian North and how that affects people’s mental health… a real light comedy, I know, but it does actually look and sound amazing. There will also be food, and talking, and singing, and smiling, and laughing.

And best of all? It’s free!

For all the other goodies (like the details about who made the film, which community organizations are hosting, and what else you can expect) you ought to check out the Facebook page or the website.

(Or read this piece in the Chronicle Herald or this piece in the Cape Breton Independent.)

And I’ll see you on Sunday! It is SO time to raise my voice, and for you to raise yours, and for us to raise voices together, to say “we give a sh*t about this issue.” And, I think it’s a damn good use of a Sacred Sunday.

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a meal at The Bite House

IMG_4025Back in August I was invited to a birthday party for my rad friend Adele LeBlanc, to be held at the Bite House Restaurant.


The Bite House is the new venture of chef Bryan Picard. (Read here where I interviewed him for this blog back in 2012!) It’s a restaurant that changes its menu every month, and which uses local ingredients. Bryan wrote the blog of the same name for several years as he worked as a chef in other restaurants, and now he has realized his dream of having his own restaurant.img_2868 img_2870 img_2871

Before everyone else arrived (because for once I was early!), I toured the gardens with a glass of wine and my camera. img_2874 img_2877 img_2888 img_2901 img_2909 img_2910

Once the others arrived, they too toured the gardens.
img_4037Then dinner was served. And oh my… what a dinner! This first course was cucumber gazpacho, northern shrimp and buttermilk.


The second course was pork shoulder, rye flatbread, basil and spiced slaw.

img_2916 img_2917 And it was good to the last slurp!

img_2922The third course was scallops, caramelized cauliflower, and herb pesto.

As it got darker, my pictures got less and less clear, so I won’t share the photos I took of the fourth and fifth courses (grilled zucchini, farmstead gouda, beef rib bacon, and summer berries, cream biscuit, and wild flower syrup, respectively). Trust me: they tasted and looked divine.

Edit: Two things I forgot to mention that were a huge part of why the Bite House experience was so great: the all-local Nova Scotian wine on the menu (and you know I love that wine) and our server, the attentive + funny + beautiful Barbara Ross Neilsen. 

Overall, The Bite House delivered a fresh, entertaining, delightful dining experience, and I’ll be going back soon. (October 2nd, to be precise.)

Have you been?

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If you just found this blog because of CTV news…

… hi and welcome! You may be interested in the piece I wrote about the new brand for CBU. That post from last week is here.

This post, from the following day, is some follow-up about the reaction to the brand.

I’ll likely be following up on it again! It’s great that there is such community discussion. Thanks for stopping by!

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having a lightbulb moment


This post is for these reasons:

  1. my friend Krista loves both old-fashioned light fixtures and puns.
  2. I’m busybusy today with deadlines and car stuff, so didn’t have time for a longer post.
  3. Doktor Luke’s (where I get my morning Americano and where I took this shot) is rad.

That is all. Happy Tuesday!

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multitude monday / sept 15


My friend and former design classmate Katie MacLennan writes a great blog called Polka Dot Soup. On it she writes a post some Mondays called “Multitude Monday.”   She writes, “Mondays are about documenting the little (or big!) things in life that make me oh-so-happy. Let’s make Mondays a day to reflect on the goodies, and not the baddies.”

Also, last year I read Brené Brown’s book “Daring Greatly: How The Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead,” in which she writes, “The shudder of vulnerability that accompanies joy is an invitation to practice gratitude, to acknowledge how truly grateful we are for the person, the beauty, the connection, or simply the moment before us.”

(The last Multitude Monday post I wrote, last week, is here.)

The ten things I’m most grateful for right now:

171. A good job with good people.

172. A weekend away with two other female graphic designers.

173. Exploring new-to-me hiking trails in a beautiful part of the island.

174. Doing yoga by the beach on Saturday.

175. Delicious meals at the place we were staying.

176. Good, heartfelt, belly laughs.

177. Hearing about all kinds of neat projects that other Cape Bretoners are working on.

178. Sharing blog links with the other gals and hearing about new ones.

179. Coming home to my fellow. It’s a simple joy that makes my heart just about burst.

180. Plants growing in the garden still. The honeysuckle is really making progress on the railings!

What are you grateful for today?

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a gals’ wine-tasting trip in the Annapolis Valley


Seriously, how is it Friday again already!?

Answer: because life is good, and busy, and full. But not in an “over-stuffed” way, just in a “filling it out in all the right places” way. There has been time for gardening. Time for puttering in the house. Time for working on blog stuff. Time for work. Time for relaxing.

When I got back from last weekend’s getaway on the Sunday night, I thought “I will totally post these photos. Maybe Monday, but definitely Tuesday.” Yeah… that didn’t happen. I guess I felt the CBU brand was more important to write about, lol.

IMG_4609 IMG_4614

Anyway, here we are, Friday, and it’s time to share these with you: the pictures I took in the Annapolis Valley last weekend. (Don’t know where the Annapolis Valley is? Read about it here.)IMG_4624 IMG_4632 IMG_4637

This gal is the reason we were there: Ashley Laurence! She’s getting married in four weeks and this weekend was her bachelorette celebration. She’s excited!


Magic + wine + bus? Ummmm… yes please!


You can tell I’m excited. And possibly already drunk. This is only the first vineyard, people.

IMG_4640This was intriguing! I didn’t check it out further, but it looked neat. Whatever it was.

IMG_4642 IMG_4647

This is the second one we went to. And also the one where we had to wait an extra 30 minutes because the bus was too full. Ah well. There are worse places to wait than a vineyard and winery on a sunny Saturday. Yeah.


Magic wine bus, indeed.

IMG_4659 IMG_4664 IMG_4669

These olives! The guide said, “These olives will change your life,” and I thought she was exaggerating until I tasted them. 


I can’t resist hand-lettering on a chalkboard. It will be my downfall, I’m sure! It’s a strange Achilles heel to have, but oh well.

IMG_4688Beautiful view from the restaurant we ate at, in the evening after the wine tour.

IMG_4690A basil-and-cucumber mojito-type drink.

IMG_4692Cheesecake with local blueberries? Ohmygosh yessss.

IMG_4693The next morning, this was the view from our rented cabin: the Bay of Fundy.
IMG_4695 IMG_4702 IMG_4703 IMG_4704 IMG_4715 IMG_4721Sunday morning we made a big fry-up breakfast, sat around and gossiped, and then walked on the beach. So, pretty much what Heaven is. 

IMG_4722And then on the drive home I took the obligatory “crossing the Causeway” shot and posted it to Instagram. I may have cursed a little. What can I say? I was excited. Life is good.


Relevant links:

The Magic Winery Bus tour.
Gaspereau Vineyards.
L’Acadie Vineyards.
Luckett Vineyards.
The Port Pub.


Hey! If you’re going to the big Aerosmith show tonight, have an amazing time!!! I’m off to St. Peter’s for a women’s graphic design retreat. It’s going to be super rad and I’m really excited about it. I’ll share more next week.

Have a great weekend!




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“Happen” post follow-up: stats


So it seems a lot of people are interested in the new brand at CBU! Yesterday my site traffic ballooned after I wrote about my reaction to the “Happen” brand, people left a bunch of comments (some anonymously as they are CBU employees), and shared the link  a bunch too. (Thanks!)

I kept waiting for a comment from someone who really liked the brand, but that didn’t, err, happen.

Also, I was somewhat hoping someone from CBU would see my tweet and respond, but that didn’t happen either.

Someone I know at CBU did write and suggest I meet with their Marketing Director to chat about the brand, and put us in touch, so I’ll likely do that. Hopefully that’s not an exercise in futility (I can imagine a person in a role like that essentially reading the press release back to me), and actually is an interesting meeting that provides some answers to the questions I posed in the post yesterday. We’ll see! I’m nothing if not optimistic.

Anyway, I always like to share stuff like site stats, because it’s so interesting to me, you know, which posts do well, which ones strike a nerve. I don’t want to just write about controversial stuff for the sake of driving up my site stats, but when it’s done right and it’s topical and it’s something I actually care about and want to write about (like the post last year  about the Bell Museum, another high-view day) then it’s neat to see when the stats confirm that people are interested in the topic.

I’ll keep you all posted!

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