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halloween party

Today is the Halloween party at work, for the clients! Everyone is already really excited, and they haven’t even changed into their costumes yet. At noon there will be a meal, and then a dance. Here are the photos from … Continue reading

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the refuge of love

Going to the Collide Conference, and spending four days in Halifax last week, was such a treat. I met lots of new people, heard about all kinds of neat things happening in the design and technology sector, and dined like … Continue reading

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miniature imaginary onesie

All the fun of yesterday is overshadowed by what happened in Ottawa, so for today I’m not going to say a whole lot. Just going on to the workshops and meetings of the first full day of Collide! Have a … Continue reading

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finding joy in mother nature

I haven’t forgotten my four goals from last month. Here’s a quick update: 1. Engage and don’t turn away from fear: this is ongoing, daily. More of an internal thing, to be aware of in myself, when I want to … Continue reading

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Sometimes there is nothing better than meeting up with friends to drink beers, eat BBQ, and talk about graphic design, on a Thursday afternoon. And then sometimes it is also very good to go home from said gathering, eat more … Continue reading

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the woods

I grew up in the woods. They were my original thinking place. Now as I find myself wondering what my ideal day holds (as part of a rad program I’m doing with my life coach, Tiffany Han, called 100 Rejection … Continue reading

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a berry bush

…cleanse for the journey wait three days, then burn and watch the summer after next, I’ll come pruning from deep inside a berry bush Words from Shauntay Grant’s piece “Will”, which is found on her new album “Say Sumthin.” ++++ … Continue reading

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