halloween party


Today is the Halloween party at work, for the clients! Everyone is already really excited, and they haven’t even changed into their costumes yet. At noon there will be a meal, and then a dance. Here are the photos from last year’s party. I’m not dressing up, although I may wear a witch’s hat I have tucked away in a desk drawer (for emergencies). I’m excited too!


This post is part of a new Photo A Day series that I started on two weeks ago. See the rest by clicking on the category “Photo A Day.”

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2 Responses to halloween party

  1. haya says:

    i love that you have a witches hat for emergencies.

    i don’t think i will dress up on friday either, but i kind of want to

  2. peady says:

    Fun! I hope you get some nice treats! I also have a backup witch hat on a hairband!! Great in a pinch! 😀

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