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Sacred Sundays: getting off my butt and out of my comfort zone

OK, so I’ve talked before here about how my Sundays are sacred. (And also here, about the hiking aspect of Sacred Sundays.) They’re my and Adam’s day. They’re the one day a week that is just out. I don’t do stuff outside … Continue reading

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what ‘Happen’-ed?

Recently the local university, CBU, went through a rebranding. It took a year or so. At the end of it, just last month, they released their new brand to the media and the public. It’s essentially one word: Happen. I’m underwhelmed. … Continue reading

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“slowly I came to realize the importance of dreams”

Yesterday at work I watched a video about a program in Virginia that provides jobs for people with disabilities. (I work for the Horizon Achievement Centre, and this is part of my research.) It was a great video, and afterwards I … Continue reading

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“just” and “kind of”

I was listening to a podcast on my drive in to work today, and the host and the guest were two women talking about their businesses and the impact they have on their community. They were articulate and down-to-earth, and I … Continue reading

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life lately / august 2014

Walking around a new neighbourhood on my lunch break (Ashby). Creeping on people’s backyards and taking shots for my own garden inspiration and planning. Writing lots of notes. Taking a class on Access 2003. Watching Planty LaRue grow in millimetres. Mondays … Continue reading

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the umbrella solution

Yesterday after work I was thinking about how I want to walk on my lunch break. These last few days have been on-and-off rain, and so when I go out at noon it’s a 50-50 chance I’ll get rained on. … Continue reading

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my new job, so far + thoughts on scheduling

Two weeks ago I started my new job at the Horizon Achievement Centre in Sydney. And of course, ever since then I’ve been thinking, “I must blog about this!” But, I’m still not sure what I want to say. I … Continue reading

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