life lately / august 2014


Walking around a new neighbourhood on my lunch break (Ashby).


Creeping on people’s backyards and taking shots for my own garden inspiration and planning.


Writing lots of notes.

Taking a class on Access 2003.

Watching Planty LaRue grow in millimetres. Mondays are especially exciting because he’s had two whole days of growth! #plantdork


Hanging out in this space Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30.

Working on two computers at once. My Mac and the office PC are friends.

lifelately6 Making friends with clients of the Centre, some of whom give me art they made. (They come into my office and see my posters, and then we talk about art.)

Listening to A Tribe Called Red’s album “Electric Pow Wow“. It’s really great music to work to!

Thinking about eating more local food, and signing up for the 50% Local Nova Scotia challenge for September.

Drinking double Americanos in the morning from Doktor Luke’s: quite possibly the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Looking back at the “life lately” post from May of this year and wondering where the time goes. Super glad that I’m documenting things in some fashion!

Have a rad Thursday, my dears.


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2 Responses to life lately / august 2014

  1. Rhonda H. says:

    Yay for Doktor Lukes! So glad I stumbled upon this lovely place when I was there! How nice to see your life unfolding away from summer (although love the sandals!) and into working. So glad you found something you enjoy!

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