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“Happen” post follow-up: stats

So it seems a lot of people are interested in the new brand at CBU! Yesterday my site traffic ballooned after I wrote about my reaction to the “Happen” brand, people left a bunch of comments (some anonymously as they … Continue reading

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what ‘Happen’-ed?

Recently the local university, CBU, went through a rebranding. It took a year or so. At the end of it, just last month, they released their new brand to the media and the public. It’s essentially one word: Happen. I’m underwhelmed. … Continue reading

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links loved / sep 6

Yesterday morning’s sunrise was spectacular! Rising at 6:30 isn’t so bad when you get to see things like that from your porch step in your PJs. I’m off to the Annapolis Valley for a gal’s weekend, but first, some Links … Continue reading

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name that plant! (the Leah’s-yard edition)

In the last edition of Name That Plant!, all the plants were pink. This time around, the theme is that they were all in my yard when I went around taking a bunch of pictures yesterday evening. (Which was for … Continue reading

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“slowly I came to realize the importance of dreams”

Yesterday at work I watched a video about a program in Virginia that provides jobs for people with disabilities. (I work for the Horizon Achievement Centre, and this is part of my research.) It was a great video, and afterwards I … Continue reading

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50%, more or less

After air and water, food is crucial to a human’s survival. And luckily, I already have access to local supplies of the first two! So now it’s time for me to focus more on local supplies of the third. This … Continue reading

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links loved / aug 30

I just love this shot above from the wedding I went to yesterday. The bride’s friends decorated the getaway car, and wrote all over it! This little detail is cute: “Love is much closer than it appears.” So here we … Continue reading

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