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10 Beaches/2012: Chimney Corner and Inverness

So after Point Aconi was rained out, I was really looking forward to my day off last week. I even got friends in on it – “Come to the beach with me!” When the day arrived it was sunny in … Continue reading

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10 Beaches/2012: Point Aconi

The one day last week that I had off and had time to go to a beach, of course it was rainy and foggy. But I went anyway. This is a lookoff, on Kelly’s Mtn. Not much looking off to … Continue reading

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seasonal work (or, “you do what you gotta do”)

So we’re into July now, and that means that in Baddeck – and, I’d imagine, most other parts of the island – we’re now in the busiest two months of the year. You know that saying about making hay while … Continue reading

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10 Beaches/2012

Let’s face it, with all this cold and rain we’ve been having this week, it sure feels good to look at some pictures of beaches! SO! This summer, I’m challenging myself to make it to ten separate beaches on Cape … Continue reading

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