10 Beaches/2012

Let’s face it, with all this cold and rain we’ve been having this week, it sure feels good to look at some pictures of beaches!

SO! This summer, I’m challenging myself to make it to ten separate beaches on Cape Breton Island.

Inspired by a comment on Facebook the other day from someone who had recently moved to Sydney from off-island (yup, that’s you, Nicole!), wondering where the best beaches were, I started thinking about my favorite beaches.

But then, I thought about all the other beaches I haven’t been to, and how it would be fun to challenge myself to get to them. And of course, because that is what I do, I’d blog about it. (Inspired, also, by one of my fave bloggers, Elise, and her “list” posts, like 40 Pizzas or 27 Materials.)

Feel free to play along on your own blog!

The only rules I’m setting for myself are:

  1. I have to spend at least an hour at the beach.
  2. I have to swim if I can (or if it’s too cold, at least stand in the water up to my ankles until I can’t stand it any longer).
  3. I have to eat at a hot dog stand or chip wagon or ice cream truck if there is one around.
  4. The beach has got to have sand or at least very fine rocks. River swimming holes only count for half a point.

And, bonus points if you can identify the three beaches in these pictures. (They are all on CB.)

Any recommendations to start me off? (Leave ideas and perhaps next week or the one after I’ll do a list of recommended beaches on here.)

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7 Responses to 10 Beaches/2012

  1. Corette says:

    My two faves…Kennington Cove. If the weather cooperates which it rarely does, you can’t get better especially if you like body surfing…which I do. The water WILL be cold, but just run in. It’s worth it. Tip: if it’s overcast in Baddeck, you may luck out with better weather at the Cove. It’s all about the winds so do a little research.

    And of course, Black Brook…but there won’t be sand this year. Still love it…good surf, waterfall, amazing scenery, great snorking and the best place to finish the day with an outdoor dinner.


  2. Daniel Harris says:

    Very brave of you to challenge yourself like that!

  3. Diane says:

    So where are these beaches in your pictures? I do not recognize them…but I do know that fab chip bus. Although it has been 2 yrs since I ate there. Is it still in St. Peter’s? So far this year I have gone to Margaree Harbour Beach (new one for me) my ole favorite Inverness and Dominion. I do like Black Rock but on the off season as I find to many people otherwise. I think I ‘ll be checking out Kennington Cove I have never heard of that one! Love going to new beaches. I really want to spend some time at Cabot Landing Beach this year. Have to plan that one with lots of food and drink. Love your blog Leah I am enjoying it every much. Take Joy ~ Diane

  4. Mary-Beth says:

    May I suggest Port Hood? So beautiful, sandy, warm and delightful! Enjoy, but don’t post photos- it will make me too jealous 🙂

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